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Our first priority is conservation of genetics through a responsible breeding program.

To view a large selection of peacocks or peahens showing the traditional as well unique colors click on the links to the left ... for the more exotic peafowl and new genetics click on the sales and info page.

The Open page has pictures and ideas for Green peafowl including Imported Burmese peacock.

To see some really unusual and fun species click on the Galliform page.

Remember, our breeder name is  texaspeafowl all one word ... our website regarding peafowl for sale is texaspeafowl.com, our email for questions or peacocks for sale in Texas is  texaspeafowl@aol.com ... again all one word ... every correspondence will have my name and phone number ... you will never get an email without peacocks or peafowl on the subject line or without my name and phone number ... along that thought ... if you decide to email ... please put peafowl or peacocks on the subject line ... or the email goes to spam... for better communication ... please include your name and or phone number with location... or just call us.

The sales & info page,  pictures will be added soon or updated.

The Galliformes page has been updated.

The Flight Pen page has been updated but, will have new pictures posted soon.

texaspeafowl will remain the farm name regarding the birds. Not all birds are on the web site, but should be in the near future.

We have decided to sell some of our adult white peafowl to allow room for other color and patterns being worked on.

all pictured birds are ours....We hope you enjoy them.

 texaspeafowl@aol.com, or call Sid 214 707 2051 Please include your name, and or phone #.

Sid Drenth
P.O. Box 1029
Weatherford, TX 76086


There is only one texaspeafowl ... all one word ... located in Weatherford, TX 76086 ... 

texaspeafowl@aol.com is our email, please include your name and phone number... make sure you include "peacocks" on the subject line of the email.


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United Peafowl Association (U.P.A)

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